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Welcome to the Advanced Spanish Program for the Humanities, Social Sciences and Engineering!

The Advanced Spanish Program offers students a unique opportunity to further their education, while benefitting from a cross-cultural experience that improves their language skills in a Spanish university setting.

The Program has been designed to meet the needs of  students from very different fields of study. Students can fulfil their academic requirements, taking classes from Cursos de Estudios Hispánicos, or for an even richer experience, students can take direct-enrolment courses with Spaniards. Both credits and grades transfer back to Johns Hopkins at the end of the program for CEH classes. (Direct-enrollment courses are pass-fail).

The program is offered in the fall and spring semester and the academic year. JHU-Madrid provides an exceptional educational experience based on total immersion in a Spanish social and academic environment, which is as exciting and rewarding as it is challenging.

REQUIREMENTS: Sophomore, Junior or Senior Standing. Four Semesters of Spanish or equivalent. 3.0 Cumulative GPA

Our guide Miguel Laraño with the students in the Albayzín (Granada). FALL 2017.

In the FALL student spend two weeks in Salamanca, where JHU-Madrid conducts a culture and language “boot camp” at the Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca, which consists of fifty hours of classroom time, preparation for what is to come in Madrid. At the same time, students attend orientation meetings about life in Spain, academics and security and safety, etc. Each morning students review grammar, composition and conversation skills, essential for a successful experience at Universidad Carlos III. In the afternoons, students have practical sessions in which they are introduced to several aspects of Spanish culture such ceramics and cooking classes, sculpture and art workshops and guided tours of the city to learn about its rich history. In those sessions students are exposed to Spanish language and culture and interact with local people.

In the SPRING the same intensive language and culture course, and orientation take place in Cuenca. Students are introduced to the culture and traditions of Spain through the eyes and lives of local people from Cuenca.

 Salamanca Cathedral (FALL 2016)

In Madrid, the Hopkins students select courses from offerings available in the Cursos de Estudios Hispánicos, a program specifically designed for international students. And for those who wish further integration into the larger Spanish-speaking student population, from the Cursos regulares at Universidad Carlos III.

Founded in 1989, Carlos III is one of the few institutions in Spain that has adopted the American model of higher education.
Students Take 6 three-credit courses, completing a total of 18 credits. Each class will subsequently transfer back to JHU as a three-credit-hour upper-division course. In addition, students take an obligatory language course, the level of which will be determined as a result of oral and written placement tests administered on the first day of orientation. CEH courses are taught by faculty selected by Universidad Carlos III.

Cooking Class in Cuenca (SPRING 2015)

You also receive three hours of upper-division credit for a Hopkins-directed course called Contemporary Spanish Language and Culture. The course requirements are: (1) successful completion of the fifty-hour Intensive Language Review in Salamanca/ Cuenca; (2) perfect attendance at all program events and field trips; and (3) the creation of a Spanish-language journal with sufficient substance to qualify for intensive writing credit at JHU. The Resident Director, Dr. Manuel Colás, collects and grades your journals three times during the semester and attests to each student’s full satisfactory participation in program activities.

Museum of Spanish Abstract Art (Cuenca) SPRING 2015
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