…you have studied the language…
 and now you get to experience the culture!!

Hopkins Program in Madrid offers a variety of activities designed to enhance each student’s experience with Spanish culture. Salamanca and Cuenca serve as an introduction to what you will discover elsewhere. The Hopkins Program will take you for a tour of local architecture; you will visit extant examples of Medieval and Renaissance civil, residential and ecclesiastical constructions.

Peeling potatoes in a cooking class. FALL 2012

In collaboration with the JHU Program, Universidad de Salamanca provides a walking tour of the old city and another walking tour emphasising Salamanca’s place in Spanish literature. You also visit the workshop of the stonemason who restored the famous cathedral, and attend a cooking class to know some dishes of Spanish rich gastronomy. For those who wish to participate, Universidad de Salamanca also organises a great variety of activities that allows you to practice your Spanish with other international students in different scenarios.

Students during a Literary tour with EI. FALL 2009

Students at Universidad de Salamanca. FALL 2008
Students at Universidad de Salamanca. FALL 2008
At the workshop of Miguel, the stonemason. FALL 2009
At the workshop of Miguel, the stonemason. FALL 2009

In Madrid, we will have a walking tour of the Old City. We will spend an evening at the theater, and another at a flamenco show! You will have several opportunities to sample tapas, and to share a Thanksgiving dinner. You will be notified about concerts, exhibits, festivals, and other cultural events that might interest you on the program Facebook page.

A tour on the Madrid Vision bus. FALL 2008
A fun tour on a Madrid touristic bus. FALL 2008

We will make full-day trips to Toledo, Segovia, El Escorial and the Valley of the Fallen. We will travel to Andalucía for a weekend exploring Granada and Córdoba.

Students and Resident Director, Manuel Colás, in Toledo. FALL 2007.
Students and Resident Director, Dr. Manuel Colás, in Toledo. FALL 2007.
Enjoying ice creams by the famous mosque in Cordoba. FALL 2006

Throughout the year, The Universidad Carlos III provides the opportunity for a language exchange with Spanish students enrolled in regular courses. If you want to meet Spaniards and become involved in campus organisations, sport teams and clubs, we recommend that you visit the Erasmus office or Espacio Estudiantes.