Jennifer Lin (Computer Science, JHU 2021): “Coming back to Hopkins in the fall, I found myself speechless whenever anyone asked how my summer abroad was. It seemed like there was no way I could convey how fulfilling and impactful those two months were. Not only was I conducting research in a field I was interested in, I had the privilege of living in the breathtaking city of Madrid and traveling with three other students who I now get to call some of my best friends. Since I didn’t know Spanish going into the program, I made it one of my goals to learn enough to take my host mom out to lunch and have a true conversation with her by the end of the summer. And that lunch, with my choppy Span-glish and animated hand gestures, will always be one of my most treasured memories from my summer. This program isn’t just about doing research in another country, it is also about truly immersing yourself in another culture and lifestyle, and building relationships with people you’ll always remember. “ (SUMMER 2018)
Lauren Zingaro (Public Health and Spanish Major): “Studying abroad in Madrid was an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Although it was hard to leave family and friends behind to move to an unfamiliar country for 5 months, I would give anything to repeat that semester. My Spanish improved tremendously, I made new friends, and I had the chance to travel to countries I would have never dreamed of visiting. I cannot speak highly enough of my time in Spain. Te echo de menos Madrid!” (SPRING 2017).
Will Dorman (History, Spanish, Latin American Studies) “The aspect that I enjoyed most about my time in Madrid was getting to play on the University Volleyball team. Manuel coordinated with the Coach to get me integrated into the team upon arrival. We then proceeded to win our league (all of Madrid) and advance to the National Chanpionships which were hosted in Murcia. Carlos III supplied room, board, and travel and we finished 5th in the country. It’s an experience that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. My Spanish improved tremendously during practices, games, and then spending time with teammates, some of whom I’m still in touch with to this day! The more I got involved during the program, the more I got out of the experience” (SPRING 2014)
Christina Kiriakos (History and Spanish): “My experience in Madrid was very important for me. I met people who will be friends for the rest of my life. My Spanish improved astronomically, as did my appreciation of Spanish history and culture. I decided to pursue graduate studies in both the art history of Spain and of the Mediterranean more broadly following the trips, classes, and experiences I had while in Madrid. I would recommend this program to anyone.” (FALL 2015)
Coco Li (Computer Science and Cognitive Science Double Major). “I didn’t think that I would have the chance to study abroad as a engineering major coming into college, and this program had been such a pleasant surprise for me. By participating in this program, I not only was exposed to and immersed in a culture drastically different from the ones that I am familiar with and formed friendships with my host family and my co-workers, but also developed passion for new fields in my major. Therefore, I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in a more global view of their studies knowing that they will gain so much more from it than anything they expect.” (SUMMER Engineering Program 2017)
Simón Santurián (Biomedical Engineering): “Studying in Spain was always a dream of mine because I knew it would be more than just an educational experience, but a new experience culturally and socially. With the rigor of Hopkins, it almost seemed impossible to go abroad, but with this program I was able to not only immerse myself in a Spanish engineering laboratory, but also experience the life of a Spaniard. The relationships I built in Spain, whether it was with my peers, my host family, or people I met while abroad, are relationships I will cherish forever. I would do it all over again without a doubt!” (SUMMER Engineering Program 2017)
Anna Bailey (Biomedical Enginering): “Since high school, I’ve really wanted to study abroad in Spain, but couldn’t manage to fit in a whole semester abroad. With this program, I got do research during the summer, while also travelling around Spain every weekend and explore Madrid on weekdays. My host family was so amazing and welcoming, and my Spanish improved a lot. It was the experience of a lifetime.” (SUMMER Engineering Program 2017)
Liam Tresnan (International Studies and Spanish): “The best part of being in Madrid is there’s so much to do. For me as a massive fútbol fan, having the opportunity to regularly go to games, watch with locals in a bar, or in my living room with my host parents is incredible. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Madrid has so much to offer.” (FALL 2017).